Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Language is a mere tool but love is something transcends beyond language:

It was early August of 2008 when I had joined PSB Academy to persue my second masters an MBA from the University of Newcastle Australia!!! We have a cafeteria in our campus that offers a wide range of vegetarian Chinese Food. I have been quite a frequent visitor to the cafeteria and the girl by name Shujay who’s responsible for serving food. But she unfortunately doest have any knowledge of English. Well I myself know very few words in Chinese possible to barely manage. But the love this girl has for me has been just amazing that has always leaves me choked with emotion. She does beyond what she is supposed to do. She once gave me some cookies which I said just a good and the next day she had bought a whole new box of those cookies and chocolates which really touched me. Ever since then whenever she saw me she packed something or the other whenever she saw me like sometimes apple pie. Then one day a bag full of fruits. I mean we don’t know each other’s language but she still keeps pampering me and once in sign language indicated she would cry when I leave PSB. Well I really wonder what we share. I can only infer that language is a mere tool but love transcends beyond language. Well Shujay will always stay in my heart deep. As GNB beautifully puts it Love is the loveliest flower in the garden of life”.